Oh Hell No! #NicklebackNewSong

Saturday, 07 March 2015 by

Check this cool article about the old jukebox from down at the port, in the Taranaki Daily News today. After eight years’ break, bluesman Midge Marsden is coming Back to the Well. Pairing up with Chet O’Connell, Marsden will be playing two nights of shows at the 4th Wall Theatre to launch his new album that’s


Cool comic by Pablo Stanley, John Lennon’s Imagine.  Image Credit: Pablo Stanley Now I bet you sung along in your head! I did 😉


  IT was a joke so stunningly simple in its execution that it’s a surprise no-one’s done it before. In May 2009, Twitter user ‘Frank Furter’ started a joke that wouldn’t get the whole world laughing for another five years. In keeping with their username, Frank Furter’s first three tweets were lyrics from 1975 film